Thank You for Changing the World

Dear friends,

We’ve made memories and connections that will last us a lifetime. We’ve witnessed firsthand how alive and well the spirit of community really is. We’ve been through peaks and valleys on a journey that continually brought us to meaningful places full of generous people. After over 3 months and 20,000 KM, the “Vehicle of Change” is officially parked (for now) and I thank YOU for making this life changing experience happen.

Someone along the road said to us that it seems the currency of the tour was not “money” but rather “giving”, meaning people offered whatever they could to keep things rolling. Whether it be the folks in Outlook, Saskatchewan who offered us their motel to lay our heads, the church manager in Toronto who postponed his vacation so he could donate his much needed services to the venue, or Stewart and Lily-Jean who got the “pay it forward” spirit started by donating our ride for the tour, everyone’s contributions meant the world to so many people across the continent. Of course there are the 70+ charities themselves who should be recognized for continually providing support for very deserving people.

I’m telling you folks, don’t buy into the mindset of thinking that the world is falling apart and we have nothing to strive for. Yes, things are constantly changing. We have fear, obstacles and horrible occurrences. We also live in uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. We do, however, have tons of good left in us to combat the things that challenge us with the biggest weapon being love. We’ve seen what love can do and seeing how it can breed things like understanding, generosity and ultimately change. This tour wasn’t about us musicians playing shows in random locations. Music was just our way of contributing. In fact, it wasn’t about anybody as individuals. It was a collective attempt to shine a spotlight on a concept that deserves its time to shine, goodness. It’s comforting to know that concept lives in the souls of many.

Be well everybody and we’ll see you in the next chapter…




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