Chasing Silver

Blessed with a slightly graveled tenor voice, reminiscent of a hybrid Jim Croce and Cat Stevens, and an articulately poetic eloquence that shines in such songs as the first single, the thoughtful Say What You Will, the strident Courage (Come Out To Play) and the autobiographical The Troubadour, Hines is definitely not spouting ear candy. And even when he bears his heart with a romantic streak that nearly outshines his indomitable spirit, Hines is never cavalier nor flippant: the tender strains of You With Perfect Eyes or the playful organ-driven It May Be Too Late, divulges a depth approaching the artistry of some of his most revered influences, including the aforementioned Croce, Stevens and fellow songwriters James Taylor and Carole King.

The 11 original songs (excluding two remixes and a potent cover of Solsbury Hill) on Chasing Silver easily fulfill that mandate.  Chasing Silver (plus two remixes) chronicle a life and experience that has stepped outside the boundaries of what even Hines could have imagined.

Using acoustic-driven, folk-influenced pop stylings as a palate and producer Justin Abedin’s finely honed arrangement sensibilities, Hines took the Chasing Silver songs he sketched out on his keyboard and transferred them from his head to a sonic canvas that’s a little more expansive than his debut album.

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Say What You Will
Chasing Silver
While You Are Out There
Are We
Sand Drawn Line
Solsbury Hill
It May Be Too Late
Curious Boy
The Tourbadour
Courage (Come Out and Play)
I’m Not An Island
You With Perfect Eyes
Chasing Silver (South African Remix)
Say What You Will (Westy Remix)