Days To Recall

Days To Recall: Now Available
Justin’s natural optimism shines throughout much of his American debut, “Days to Recall,” the singer/songwriter’s collection of heartfelt songs about life and love. On songs like the upbeat “See You Like I Do,” the graceful piano ballad “Momentarily” or affirming “Nothing Better Than Today,” Hines’ warm, soulful vocals cut through the clutter to embrace the listener.

The instantly catchy “Tell Me I’m Wrong,” tackles the fears that plague everyone and our desire for reassurance. Two songs on the album specifically celebrate his new-found happiness— “Now There’s You” and “See You Like I Do.” “They definitely took the longest to write. The problem with writing a love song is it’s been done so many times. How do you convey something meaningful in a unique way to your life,” Hines says. The U.S. version of “Days to Recall” includes “Say What You Will,” an uplifting song that appeared on Hines’ second Canadian album.

Guests on the album include gospel singer Jackie Richardson, who leads a choir on the title track, and Canadian hip-hop master Maestro (formerly Maestro Fresh-Wes), who raps on “Somewhere in the Middle.” Jill Hennessy, best known for her TV role on Law and Order, showcases her considerable musical talents on the plaintive, “Why Not Love Me,” while another fellow Canadian, up-and-coming, singer-songwriter Sierra Noble duets with Justin on the tender, “Now There’s You.”

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*Now There’s You feat. Sierra Noble

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Tell Me I’m Wrong
Somewhere In The Middle (feat. Maestro Fresh Wes)
Say What You Will (South African Remix)
Come Around
Why Not Love Me
Now There’s You feat.Sierra Noble
Just The Same
Days To Recall
See You Like I Do
Nothing Better Than Today