How We Fly


Justin Hines released his fifth studio album “How We Fly” on May 14th ,2013 with a sense of rebirth. The album marks a shift in perspective and sound.
Justin points to two songs in particular that embody the shift. The album’s opener “Maybe When The Morning Comes” reveals a different style of songwriting, complete with unusual chord changes and lyrics which tend to ask more questions than deliver answers. “If We’re Wrong,“ the second track off the album is insightful. “I found myself pondering whether I could even sing anymore, internally brooding about the capacity in oneself to tackle life’s relentless challenges including my stature in the music world itself.”

Indeed, Justin’s home in the music world is not cut and dry. “Most people assume there are challenges to being a performer in a wheelchair and indeed there are some, but when an audience sees you climb on stage via a giant metal ramp, you kind of have their attention”, Hines laughs. His against-all-odds back-story garners strong interest and helps him stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

“Don’t Mean Nothing” is about heartbreak; a song Hines says “is personal, but shows that a broken heart isn’t the end of the world. It’s about moving on.”
“Please Stay” is a track written about spirituality. “Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you believe in, just that you believe. This song is about when having that belief through times of peril and drawing from something that gives you hope.”
The album’s soul can be found in “Lay My Burdens Down”, a song that gets your head nodding and your feet moving. “This is my old-time mountain song. It has this foot-stomping vibe,” he laughs. “It really came together nicely in my opinion. Justin Abedin (his producer, musical director and guitarist) did such an amazing job. I love it.”
Foot-stomping aside, “We The People” can easily be named the album’s power song. “ It’s about unity with everyone coming together to overcome obstacles. It celebrates humanity. I really think this song sums up the spirit of the album.” A song with similar a concept is “How We Fly”, which asks people to embrace their time on the ground.
“Man on the Stand” Hines recalls, “I tried to use this metaphor of a courtroom and not seeing someone at face value.
It’s that knowing that there’s more to people than the few things you see that becomes important.”
‘’Love You That Way’’, a tip of the hat to the Dylanesque love song,” capturing the struggles that love brings and the bare beauty of people entwined with one another.”
“Forty Shades of Blue” “…the word blue has been used so often in songs, so I like the idea of the number of shades it takes in outlining the many insecurities one can declare in a somber mood.”
People may believe “In My Quiet Hour” is a faith based song, “yet my intention was to describe that inner space where I can go in alone and consult my muse. It is the time when my thoughts tend to conjure up my mind’s music and delivers them to me.”

Justin has recently announced that will be doing a North American fundraising tour this summer in support of various charities and non-profits across the continent. The tour will be funded through PledgeMusic, a crowd-funding site which offers exclusive merchandise packages in exchange for donations. Once the goal is met, Hines will embark on the tour, where at every stop, he will pair up with a local charity that will receive money from his shows.

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Maybe When The Morning Comes
Lay My Burdens Down
We The People
How We Fly
Don’t Mean Nothing
If We’re Wrong
Man on the Stand
Love You That Way
Please Stay
Forty Shades of Blue
In My Quiet Hour