Here’s a poem written by a young woman named Emilee Nimentz, inspired by Justin. She delivered this poem in spoken word on Monday July 15th at Justin’s Vehicle of Change tour stop in London, Ontario benefitting One Good Turn. Have a read through!


We are the artists.

We are the writers of our destinies.
you, me, us, all – Have lines that shape the corners of our lips from where we have laughed so hard.

Some coming in around our eyes from where we have fought back flood gates of tears.
Would it be nice if we didn’t know darkness? Would our skin look so smooth? Hands soft, Fingers unfurled.
Would we know the burn in our legs? From charging up mountains – Or would our muscles be wasting away along with our laughter?

How can we triumph without any falls?
You see – The stars are old – Because they are waiting for us to reach them.
Millions of years – Lost in galaxies.
Sometimes they try to trick us. Sometimes they shoot across the sky just hoping to get our attention
Until there is no blood left in your fingertips – Until you have used every fibre of every spec of every hope in every cell.

Dreams are weaved from the toughest of fabrics – Do not forget this. But, do not compare.

Struggle is what toughens our thread – Because some of our mountains are other people’s molehills –

Sometimes other people’s mountains are your Everest’s, Your Galaxies, Your How-Could-I-Ever’s.
Or sometimes your struggles are just putting on socks or looking in a mirror.
Sometimes your bones have been fused together. You see, they were reaching so high.
And often times – Our struggles are just a push off the horse to get the courage to remember freedom and bareback riding.
Sometimes it’s the stars – Finding ways to grab our attention.

Here: They gave you a scalpel. Open up your hand. Show off the lines set in stone by triumphant clenched fists.

Put an incision, Deep into your chest, On your sleeve, Or wherever you keep your heart.

It will hurt, it will hurt, it will hurt.
Courage sometimes does this to us, too.

So take your heart back into your iron grip.

Roll it up your mountain like a boulder, It will only get you closer to the stars.
Hurt bad. Dream big. Reach far.

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