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People magazine South Africa CD review

In this issue of CD reviews we’re going to do things a little differently, by dedicating the entire column to one very special artist.

Justin Hines is a Canadian singer-songwriter with a tender approach to lyrics and a gorgeous voice.  But Justin copes with a rare genetic condition called Larsen syndrome that keeps him wheelchair bound.  “Sometimes people find it hard to understand why I would be so positive,” he explains.  “I was born into my situation, I don’t know any different, and I feel very fortunate for my family and all the support that I have.  I know my physical condition is a bit of an attention grabber, but as an artist and performer, it is my job to hold the audiences attention, and let the music speak for itself.” And he certainly does.  This wonderful artist is an inspiration to us all.  Check out our review of his debut album below.

* * *  4 stars

Forget his illness. It’s not a drawback.  Justin Hines is all about talent.  His voice is interesting, resonant and beautiful.  His lyrics are tender and at times heartbreaking.  Add to that the sky-high production values in this album and you’ll find that sides

Is one of the best debuts by a young artist in recent years.  Lets hope he gets the recognition he so richly deserves.

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